Remodellling - Janet Isherwood Jewellery
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Supplying Quality Jewellery

About Remodelling

Remodelling jewellery is a popular way to turn old and unloved pieces into something new and beautiful. Many people accumulate broken bits of gold over the years which are useless by themselves, but when combined have the potential to be made into something amazing. Remodelling is also the perfect way to create something wearable from worn or outdated jewellery whilst retaining its sentimental value.


There are a wide variety of options when it comes to remodelling; we can melt down and reshape old gold, and we can reset your own stones. If you don’t have enough gold, we can add to it, or if you have gold leftover, we can take this at scrap value against the final cost.


Bring your old jewellery and/or stones to us where a member of staff would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you, and we have plenty of pieces in our showroom for inspiration.

Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

All our original jewellery is designed and manufactured in our own in-house workshop.

We specialise in made to order commissions, if you require something traditional or contemporary.

Remodelling jewellery is a popular way to turn old and unloved pieces into something new.

We Provide services such as changing watch batteries, watch repairs and jewellery repairs.

Over time, general daily wear and tear can cause gold jewellery to become dull.

We can alter the size of most rings that have become too big or too small.